Why VNVClasses is Best

No Gimmicks, No hocus pocus,
Success through Grit and Hard Work

Other big coaching classes imbibed the same values that we have today. Dedication to teaching and hard work. But somewhere along the way to plusher classrooms to marketing gimmicks of offering scholarships, they forgot how to teach. Maybe it’s because the people who started them are no longer teaching in them.


How We Differ ?


VNV Classes

Other Big Coaching


Quality of teachers

Comparable or better than the others. Two of our faculty have taught in other coaching institutes before.

Every center has good and average faculty.


Same faculty for each batch




Faculty change mid-session

Coaching is owned and run by teachers. All teachers in same family.

Yes, faculty are hired and they frequently leave for greener pastures.


Study material

Latest edition of Top IIT JEE reference books

Mostly unrevised material used for years.


Group size

Around 10 students

50 students in Delhi
200 in Kota
500 in Kanpur


Time Constraint

No hurry in finishing the chapter. Next chapter will start after thoroughly testing the previous one.

Tearing hurry in finishing off the course. They need their teachers to be free to teach for their crash courses.

How we Teach Our Students ?

  • Class lecture is most important. Student should take notes diligently in the classroom.
  • Student is supposed to write (not read) the lecture completely two times at home before next class of the same subject.
  • First revision of the lecture should happen on the same day the lecture is attended. Studies have shown after one day, people forget more than 70 percent of what was taught.
  • Most of the coaching institutes have their own study material and all claim theirs to be the best. But most of the time the material is not modified for years altogether.
  • To avoid above problem, we will be teaching from top IIT JEE reference books
  • Homework problems will be given from the above books and will be discussed in next lecture.
  • If the student is not responsive in the class his/her parents will be notified of the same.
  • Tests will be conducted after completion on each chapter.