IIT JEE Main, JEE Advanced (PCM), NEET Physics and Chemistry

Course Plan for 2018-19 (Admissions Open)

Long Term Regular Courses Classes 11th & 12th

  • Three Classes per week
  • Batch size of around 10 students for individual attention.
  • NEET students face difficulty in Physics due to weakness in Mathematics. We overcome this by providing maths lectures whenever required.
  • Video recording of each lecture is available for revision.
  • Weekly test for revision.

Long Term Regular Courses Classes 9th & 10th (Foundation)

  • Three Classes per week
  • Batch size of around 10 students for individual attention.
  • Simplified version of topics of 11th and 12th are taught in addition to the regular class syllabus.
  • Weekly test for revision.

Quick Revision Courses for 12th Class Students

  • Subject wise Revision Courses for 12th students.
  • 3-month revision course with 1 class of 3.5 hours per week per subject.
  • 11th Class Syllabus Revision Course start dates
    • 1st July (Batch 1)
    • 1st Aug (Batch2)
    • 1st Sept (Batch3)
  • 12th Class Syllabus Revision Course start dates
    • 1st Oct (Batch 1)
    • 1st Nov (Batch2)
Note: Try to Join Class 11th Revision in Earlier Batches. It is difficult to revise class 11th Course at last moment due to Board Exams.

Crash Courses 2019

JEE MAIN (PCM), NEET ( Phy & Chem), BITSAT, IP Univ
(Just After Boards)
  • 5 week duration
  • 5 classes per week, each class of 5 hrs.
  • Overall coaching of 125 hours.
  • 10 to 15 students per batch.

JEE Advanced (After JEE Mains)
  • Subject wise course
  • Set of very selected questions will be provided and discussed in class.
  • Overall 7 Classes of 3.5 hours each per subject.

Private Tuitions

Doubt Solving and Module Solving classes for students studying in Big Coaching Classes

  • Serious students who wish to crack the IITJEE exam join one or other of the big coaching institutes. They however realize after a few months that they are not understanding more than 50 percent of the things taught there.

  • The reasons are not far to seek. Large batch size and most of the time students of different capabilities put together in the same batch. When most of the students of the batch do not understand or are not likely to understand a particular topic or concept, the teacher either skips it or just rushes through it. Sometimes the teacher rushes through the topic simply to meet the time schedule given to him.

  • A student who is capable and who really wishes to make it to the IITs does not leave things to chance. At this point of time he needs someone who teaches for competition and is better than the teachers in big coaching institutes.

  • Here we come into picture. We provide that cutting edge to their preparation.

Our Faculty

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Why VNVClasses is best

VNVClasses has carved a niche for itself among the top coaching institutes for IIT JEE preparation. Our IIT JEE results have been consistently good and the reasons are below :

Coaching by highly experienced IIT Alumni

All batches taught by same faculty

Emphasis is on problem solving and conceptual clarity in students

Students are made to revise lecture at institute itself after class

Small batch of size 10 for individual attention

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